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Types Of Massage Therapies

Hello and thank you for taking time to stop by. Here is a little bit about how I massage and techniques I use.


I have worked with clients who range from car accidents, torn muscles, migraines etc. to spa environment.

I take my time and listen to what your main focus is. I truly believe in the whole body. Taking time to ease into the muscles. Also taking time to not just massage one part of the body, Rather the whole body. Even Scalp!


My favorite/relaxing and what I am known for is the neck. Head aches range from the back of the neck/ the base. All around the scalenes, the side. When we are stressed we breath from the chest and don't even realize it. When we breath from the chest we are over using all those muscles. Breathing from the belly, all the way around and up is something I also love to incorporate and educate my clients about.


At Sunrise Stretch & Massage you will truly be left feeling like you feel renewed and refreshed.


Why I became a Licensed Massage Therapist : When I turned 30, I had 2 boys under the age of 2. I wanted to be home more and work less. I did massage as "a job" probably wasn't the best at all at the Spa I worked at. After I had my 3rd kid, I started to work at a chiropractors office learning new things. Seeing people in extreme pain. I started taking more continue education classes and paying more and more attention to the techniques I knew and things I picked up along the way. I started to grow in love with my job. It's not "just a job" anymore to me. It's the job I truly enjoy.

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